Kenco Pipe Lifter Large Shipment

RAAH Group Inc Delivers Large-Scale Order of Kenco Pipe Lifters with Precision and Promptness

RAAH Group Inc recently fulfilled a substantial order for Kenco Pipe Lifters, dispatching them from their Virginia warehouse to the designated customer address. The shipment, consisting of a considerable quantity of Kenco Pipe Lifters, was meticulously handled and delivered promptly, showcasing RAAH Group Inc‘s commitment to efficient logistics and customer satisfaction. This successful transaction underscores RAAH Group Inc’s capability to seamlessly manage large-scale shipments while ensuring product quality and timely delivery in USA and Canada.

Pipe lifter from raah group inc
Pipe lifter

Ultimate Solution to safe Pipe Handling and Control with Kenco Pipe Lift

Kenco pipe lift is an all-rounder pipe rigging clamps and crane lifting accessories with widespread popularity across many sectors. This design is best used as an addition to a crane or forklift lifting device in the following fields of work.

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