Ridderflex Stinger Rolls

Pipe roller supports play an integral role in facilitating offshore pipe installations by aiding in the execution of pipelining procedures, cable line installation, and the deployment of critical umbilical links for secure access to subsea wells. As a result, stinger rolls are essential components in ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of these offshore systems. 

To ensure the utmost reliability in supporting pipe laying systems, vessel operators depend on pipe stringers that can withstand even the most demanding environmental conditions. Our pipe support rollers, crafted from polyurethane, are engineered to excel in meeting these performance requirements, delivering optimal results.


Pipe supports are employed in various technical applications, primarily serving four key purposes:

  1. Anchoring during Installation: One vital role of pipe supports is to provide stability and anchorage for pipes during the installation process. This added stability facilitates the maneuverability of welded pipes, especially when lowering them into the water.

  2. Assisting in Precision Guidance: Pipe supports play a critical role in ensuring precise guidance during seabed emplacement operations. They help maintain the accuracy and alignment of pipes as they are laid on the seabed.

  3. Shock Absorption: Protecting the external layer of pipes and cables is paramount, and pipe supports incorporate shock-absorbent features. These features help mitigate potential impacts and reduce the risk of breakages during installation and operations.

  4. Supporting Heavy Loads: Given the heavyweight nature of seabed pipe handling operations, pipe supports are designed to withstand substantial loads. It is imperative to reference the load capacity specifications of the stringer rolls when considering their purchase to prevent operational miscalculations.

In essence, the design and selection of stinger pipelines are tailored to specific operational requirements and load-bearing capacities, ensuring the successful execution of offshore activities.

Features of Polyethylene Rollers:
  •  Precision while in service
  •  Exceptional tensile force
  •  Abrasion resistance (great for concrete coated pipes)
  •  High capacity in load bearing
  •  Wear resistant and sustainability
  •  Supports extreme temperatures
  •  Impeccable resistance to ozone and UV exposure
  •  Durability and robust structure
  •  Resistance to seawater for a long life cycle in marine industries
  •  Withstanding any exposure to oilfield minerals and solvents

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