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Rubber is a naturally occurring dielectric material that effectively impedes the conduction of electricity. Its molecular structure acts as a barrier to the unrestricted movement of electrons. Moreover, its unique combination of flexibility and cushioning properties makes it an outstanding choice for applications in electrical safety matting.

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Electrical mat
Category specifications:

Class 0 Features: The Class 0 electric shockproof rubber mat, marked with red, offers reliable protection against voltage leakage up to 1000 V. These mats undergo rigorous testing at 5000 V and have demonstrated exceptional resilience with a threshold of 10000 V. They also feature a ribbed surface for an enhanced grip.

Class 1 Features: Our Class 1 electrical insulated mat is engineered to provide dielectric safety up to 7500 V, with a proof test conducted at 10000 V and the ability to withstand voltages of up to 20000 V. These mats are widely recognized as a top choice for insulating purposes in various industries.

Class 2 Features: Designed with distinctive yellow markings, our Class 2 electrical safety floor mats are tailored for electrical safety up to 17000 V. They have successfully passed proof tests at 20000 V and demonstrated robust durability by withstanding voltages of up to 30000 V.

Class 3 Features: Crafted from high-quality ribbed rubber, the Class 3 electrical insulated rubber mat sets a safe voltage limit of 26500 V. Each mat undergoes rigorous proof testing at 30000 V and has proven its ability to withstand a maximum voltage of 40000 V.

Class 4 Features: Introducing the Class 4 electrical insulated rubber mat, which offers the utmost electrical floor coverage safety with a voltage rating of 36000 V. Extensive proof testing has confirmed that every mat can confidently handle up to 40000 V and endure a threshold of 50000 V.

How Does Rubber Matting Prevent Electric Shock?

Rubber matting serves as a reliable safeguard against electric shock incidents. It is a valuable solution for mitigating the risks associated with arc flashes, inadvertent contact with energized surfaces, and various electrical accidents, whether they result from human error or system faults. These mats are constructed using electrical insulation rubber, which effectively prevents the transmission of electricity to the ground and restricts the unimpeded flow of electrons. Consequently, they play a pivotal role in averting electrical injuries.

In addition to their electricity-resistant properties, these mats feature a ribbed surface design that enhances safety in workplaces. This textured surface offers improved traction, ensuring a secure footing for individuals using them. This added grip further contributes to a safer environment, reducing the chances of accidents related to electrical hazards.

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high voltage insulating rubber mats are a must have safety equipment with a versatile use and function, and in compliance with electrical safety matting regulations. Make sure to match your electrical safety demands with your choice of mat. If you’re still in doubt which insulation rubber mats work the best for your workplace, contact us and we will guide you to a safe decision.

Here at RAAH, safety is our first objective. While we are the number one anti slip rubber mat Singapore distributors, our clients benefit from our mats around the world.

electrical mats RAAH GROUP