V-Shaped Tensioner Pads

Ridderflex Tensioner Pad Lining (V Shaped)

Our V-shaped tensioner pads are specifically designed to address the prevalent issue of pipe and cable damage in challenging environments like offshore sites. These pads are engineered with a robust polyurethane layer that acts as a protective shield for the external surfaces of pipes and cables. This safeguarding layer effectively prevents impact, scratches, and other potentially damaging elements.

Companies in offshore industries worldwide have attested to the exceptional quality and longevity of our tensioner track pads. Not only do they provide superior protection, but they also enhance stability and traction.

Advantages of Using Polyurethane Tensioner Track Pads:
  • Providing safe grip and dynamic tension on the pipes
  • Protecting outer layer of pipes and cables
  • Made from sustainable material
  • Providing counterbalance to the crane’s force
  • Damage free handling of pipe-laying procedures
  • Can be used both on seabed or on-land
  • No requirement for guide roller during the installation and recovering cables
  • Possibility of replacing individual tracks if damaged
  • Contributing to environmental safety
Polyurethane Instead of Rubber:

Many cable laying tensioners available in the market are typically constructed using rubber materials. However, we prioritize the sustainability and longevity of our products, as well as their optimal performance. To achieve these goals, we have chosen to utilize polyurethane in the fabrication of our tension track pads.

Polyurethane offers several advantages beyond its marine-grade durability. It provides a wide range of color customization options while also delivering greater stability compared to rubber materials. By incorporating polyurethane into your equipment, you can ensure that your company aligns with eco-friendly standards.

Our tensioner pads feature a robust polyurethane layer in a V-shaped design, which serves to protect pipes from damage. Furthermore, this polyurethane layer offers superior grip and tensile strength when compared to rubber alternatives.

  • Tailored with durable polyurethane lining
  • Lining hardness of standard 85 Shore A
  • High performing clamps
  • Wear-resistant pad linings
  • Restaurant against UV and Ozone exposure
  • Can withstand corrosive chemicals and oilfield substances
  • Strong against salt and sea water
  • Guaranteed a constant tension during operations
  • Used for cables, pipes and umbilical cords
  • Available in customized varieties
  • Available thickness ranges from 10 mm to 300 mm

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