At RAAH Group Inc, we provide specialized safety solutions tailored for American workplaces, including Hands-Free Safety, Hammer Safety, Slips Trips and Falls prevention, Valve Safety, Hose Restraints Safety, Electrical Safety, Lifting Safety, Pallet Safety, Drum Safety, Bearing and Dampening Pads, Fencing solutions, and more.

Moreover, RAAH Group Inc offers safety consulting services for various industries across the USA, including Rigs, FPSOs, Platforms, Factories, Ships, Production facilities, and more. Our specialized safety consultancy and training programs cater to operators and HSE professionals, ensuring comprehensive safety measures are implemented effectively.

Hand Free Safety tools. Discover a wide range of Hand Safety tools.
Push Pull tools for oil and gas
Pushing/Pulling Tools Discover wide range of Pushing/Pulling Safety tools
Offshore Pipe handling tools
Discover a wide range of efficient and reliable pipe handling tools for the energy & Oil and gas industry.
Lifting Frames - Pallet and IBC
Pallet safety is important when using IBC Lifters, Pallet lifting bars, Pallet Cages, and Pallet bar assebly kits.
Hammering safety
Prioritize hammering safety: When using tools like slide sledge, hammer unions, and slugging wrenches
Electrical safety
Electrical Safety Products
morse Drum Handling equipments
Morse Drum Handling equipments
Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Relief Valves
Anti slip products
Anti Slip Products
Hose safety whip restraint products
Hose Restraints Safety
Ridderflex products
Ridderflex products
wire rope fencing solutions
wire rope fencing solutions