Polyurethane Bearing Pads

Ridderflex Polyurethane Bearing Pad

Our polyurethane bearing pads are designed for installation in heavy machinery to serve multiple important functions. They effectively minimize wear and tear, reduce noise and vibrations, and mitigate the negative effects of load-related impacts, ultimately extending the operational lifespan of your equipment. The load bearing pads are a flexible connection consisting of rubber pads used particularly as a sort of bumper, and function as an alternative to other varieties of traditional elastomeric bearings

Functionality Specifications:

Our polyurethane bearing pads feature the mentioned specifications:

Features and Specifications:

Polyurethane bearing pads are meticulously manufactured using top-notch cast polyurethane material. They are skillfully integrated with steel, ensuring fire-resistant properties, as well as delivering remarkable longevity and performance.

These elastomeric bearing pad options conform to global performance standards, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of heavy-duty machinery. You have the flexibility to order either tailor-made bearings or select from a range of standard models, which are offered in various durometers and color options.

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