Latex Gloves

latex gloves

Latex gloves designed for insulation purposes are specifically engineered to prevent electrical accidents. They serve as a protective barrier against electrical conductivity and the transfer of electrical current from surfaces or the ground to the human body.


latex gloves

Latex Models:

KL-AXY Latex Gloves These Class 00 rubber gloves are specially designed for electrical work, providing conductivity protection up to 500VAC. They excel in resisting ozone and acid exposure while remaining functional in very low temperatures. These gloves are available in a subtle beige color.

KM-BXY Latex Gloves Classified as Class 0 insulated gloves, the KM-BXY gloves offer exceptional resistance to ozone, acid, extreme temperatures, and electrical insulation up to 1000V. These gloves are available in the standard 36 cm length and are presented in a striking red color.

KM-CXY Latex Gloves Belonging to the Class 1 insulated gloves category, the KM-CXY gloves provide electrical conductivity protection up to an impressive 7,500V. These gloves, with their clean white appearance, also offer acid protection and are rigorously tested for use in low temperatures.

KL-DXY Latex Gloves Distinguished by their outstanding electrical protection capabilities, the KL-DXY gloves can handle live voltages of up to 17,000V. These gloves are engineered for maximum comfort and are easily recognizable by their bright yellow color.

KL-EXYZ Latex Gloves These heavy-duty insulation gloves are both acid-resistant and temperature-tested. They boast an impressive maximum voltage tolerance of 26,500V and are available in a distinctive green color.

KL-FXYZ Latex Gloves Considered the ultimate choice for electricians, the KL-FXYZ gloves are available in a vibrant orange color. These Class 3 insulated gloves provide top-notch hand protection, suitable for high voltages of up to 36,000V.

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