Ridderflex Offshore and Marine Fenders

Ridderflex Offshore and Marine Fenders

We offer an extensive range of both standard and tailor-made marine fenders, designed to efficiently meet a diverse range of requirements. Our fenders not only deliver top-tier quality and performance but are also cost-effective solutions. Ridderflex fenders offer effective safeguarding for berthing areas, providing protection in the event of contact with maritime vessels and infrastructure.

When seeking top-tier fenders to enhance your marine systems, you can trust Ridderflex Offshore and Marine Fenders for their exceptional durability, dependable performance, and convenience.

Choosing the Right Fender:

Fenders play a crucial role in marine operations by serving as shock-absorbing barriers that mitigate the impact of berthing energy during contact. The selection of the appropriate type and size of fenders is paramount to ensure efficiency and reliability in their performance. Several factors come into play when determining the right marine fender systems: The variety includes; D, M, & W fender, delta fender, square fender and cylindrical fender

Offshore and Marine Fenders: Standard Varieties

It seems like you’re describing a marine boat dock bumper called the “D fender.” The main purpose of this D fender is to function as a bumper for marine boat docks. It serves to protect both the berthing station, such as anchoring docks, and the various types of vessels that may come into contact with the dock. Here are some key features of the D fender based on your description

Here are the available categories of D fenders:
● D-shaped, reinforced with an inner chamber
● O-shaped, also with an inner chamber
● Solid, with no inner chamber

Delta Fender:

The delta fenders are engineered to offer a streamlined surface for berthing contact, ensuring dependable vessel protection. This design prioritizes simplicity of installation, featuring multiple mounting holes on both the top and bottom surfaces. Additionally, performance is elevated through the incorporation of a spacious inner chamber, which enhances its shock-absorbing capabilities.

Cylindrical Fender:

Cylindrical fenders are a breeze to install and excel at absorbing shocks. True to their name, these fenders feature a cylindrical design, allowing them to be effortlessly positioned horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to meet diverse task demands. Furthermore, they deliver exceptional progressive responses for vessels of various sizes, making them an ideal choice for both small and large watercraft.

Square Fender:

A square fender is specifically designed for demanding and robust applications where enhanced berthing protection is essential. These square fenders offer an excellent alternative to traditional D fenders and are suitable for a wide array of heavy-duty operations, including their use as belting tugs and workboat fenders.

Keyhole Fender:

A keyhole fender is specifically designed to offer a gradual response to increasing forces, making it an ideal choice for absorbing shocks and impacts in large ships and heavy-duty industrial applications. This type of fender is typically equipped with two standard attachment holes for securing it to boats or even quay walls.

M Fender:

M fenders are highly adaptable and find utility in safeguarding a diverse range of berthing surfaces. These fenders are regarded as top-tier boat protection accessories, with installation facilitated through the secure placement of three dependable opening and fixing pins.

W Fender:

W fenders are specially crafted to absorb substantial forces and shocks while enduring the harshest environmental conditions. These robust fenders are strategically positioned for use on various types of workboats, such as those involved in pipe and cable laying operations.


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