PRO Pipe Gripper Tool

The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool

The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool serves as a versatile solution, allowing operators to effortlessly manage a wide array of tasks involving suspended drill pipes (BHA), as well as sizeable pipes like casing joints and hoses ranging from 4″ to 13″ in diameter. This innovative product stands as the sole offering in the market tailored to address the challenges tied to these high-risk activities that involve the manipulation of larger tubing.

Functioning as a multi-faceted tool, it plays a crucial role in establishing a Hands-Free work environment both on the rig floor and catwalk zones. Its adaptability extends to the handling of diverse drilling and fishing tools, effectively creating a safe buffer zone amidst the intricate and hazardous operations associated with pipe movement. For situations where spatial constraints are a concern, a shorter version of the tool is also available, catering to needs in manufacturing and workshop repair settings.

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The PRO Pipe Gripper Tool is an invaluable asset for handling suspended larger pipes, drill tools, fishing tools, BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly), pup joints, slick line operations, and workovers. It seamlessly enhances the effectiveness of conventional taglines by offering unparalleled load control and granting handlers increased maneuverability when dealing with the transportation and precise placement of wide-diameter pipes. 

Its significance extends to both field operations and workshop environments. In the field, this tool revolutionizes tasks involving pipe movement and placement, ensuring optimal load management and granting handlers remarkable flexibility. Moreover, it finds its prime utility in workshop repair and manufacturing settings, where tasks demand direct contact and meticulous control. This includes loading tooling machines and facilitating trials in test bays, where the PRO Pipe Gripper Tool truly shines.

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