Anti-Tangle Taglines

Anti Tangle Tagline

The ANTI TANGLE TAG LINE offers targeted solutions for these challenges, tailor-made for its intended use. Engineered with a robust core and firm overbraiding, ANTI TANGLE TAG LINE excel in preventing entanglement by eliminating self-twisting and potential snags around objects. Enhancing its utility, we’ve incorporated a spiral effect that significantly boosts traction even in damp and slick environments. Notably, ANTI TANGLE TAG LINE are meticulously crafted to avoid snagging on pinch points, benefitting from a knot-free and streamlined design.



The synthetic ropes exhibit remarkable strength while maintaining a lightweight design for easy handling by operators. To enhance durability, each tagline is equipped with a soft over braided cover, effectively minimizing abrasion risks. This innovative technology, also employed in tow lines, imparts anti-tangle characteristics to the product. The available lengths are 10ft, 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, and 45ft, each featuring a distinct color-coded eye for quick length identification. Additionally, a double-action karabiner with a captive pin is included.

dynex Anti tangle tagline

Guiding a suspended load has now become simpler, more secure, and quicker than ever before!

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