Finger Saver Tool

Finger Saver Tool

RAAH Group Inc aimed at enhancing the safety standards within both onshore and offshore realms of the Oil & Gas Industry. Within this commitment, we introduce cutting-edge finger injury prevention tools, exemplified by the FingerSaver. This innovative solution is meticulously crafted to mitigate all forms of hand and finger injuries prevalent across your operational site, ensuring every worker returns home unharmed at the end of each day.


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Be it the strenuous task of lifting hefty loads or engaging with tools carrying inherent risks of finger injuries, the RAAH FingerSaver stands as your guardian, fostering a work environment characterized by heightened safety and heightened efficiency. By diminishing the likelihood of accidents and injuries within the workplace, it propels us towards a future where occupational hazards are significantly curtailed.

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Why Finger Saver Tool?

Oil industry workers, whether engaged in onshore or offshore oil drilling and refinery operations, stand to gain significant advantages from the Finger Saver tool holder. This innovative tool holder is particularly beneficial due to its potential to reduce hand and finger injuries, which comprise 45 percent of injuries in this industry. You can also check our other Hands free safety tools