Stiffy Hand Safety Tool

Stiffy Hand Safety Tools

The Stiffy Push Pull Tool, also known as the Stiffy Safety Tool, is entirely produced within the United States. This innovative tool serves the crucial purpose of preventing direct contact between hands and heavy loads, effectively safeguarding workers against potential finger and hand injuries.

This tool equips and educates workers to avoid hazardous situations when working near unsafe suspended loads. It is particularly useful for safely maneuvering, guiding, and preventing tagline snags.

Why to use Stiffy Hand safety tool?

Innovative Solution for Detecting Objects & Heavy Loads Without Physical Contact


stiffy push pull hand tool

RAAH Safety SHT2 and SHT3 Hand Tools

The SHT2 & SHT-3, also known as the Stiffy Hand Tool, stands out as a widely favored safety tool. Its enhanced design features an extended carbon sleeve and a robust fiberglass push-pull rod, specifically reinforcing the tool’s neck where the tooling fixture is connected.

Should the Stiffy Hand Tool happen to break during its proper usage, consider this a clear signal that it has fulfilled its purpose by preventing potential injuries. This philosophy underlines the essence of Stiffy Tools: safeguarding your hands, ensuring safety, and ultimately protecting you from harm.

SHT2- Available Sizes:

SHT3- Available Sizes:

Sizes:24, 42, 50, 72

Stiffy Hand Safety Tools

Ideal for efficiently moving heavy loads within the workshop, facilitating on-site pipeline construction, and particularly valuable for operations on drilling platforms: