Snare Plus Tool

Using Tool With Closed Loop

The Snare Plus Tool is expertly crafted to provide seamless gripping, secure holding, and effortless manipulation of large drilling pipes. Its robust and enduring design ensures its resilience against the most demanding environments and enables it to support substantial weights effortlessly. Its adaptability shines through, allowing its utilization across diverse scenarios, establishing it as a crucial asset for any rigorous task at hand.

How New Snare Tool works?

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Many rig accidents occur due to mishandling of suspended pipes on oil and gas platforms. The Stiffy – Snare Plus Tool addresses this issue effectively with its user-friendly design. By sliding the Polyurethane cable loop over the pipe end and tightening the grip, the tool ensures a secure hold. This innovative snare firmly grasps the drill pipe, offering stability and preventing pipe drops, thus safeguarding workers within a safe buffer zone.

Using Tool With Closed Loop

Using Tool With Closed Loop

Polyurethane Cable

Snare-tool- knob release

Re-Inserting Polyurethane Cable


The Snare Plus Tool stands out as a superior answer for effectively managing and capturing heavy drill pipes. With its robust build, adaptable nature, and user-friendly design, it emerges as an essential tool for individuals engaged in tasks involving large tubulars and drill pipes. Whether you operate within the realms of the oil and gas sector, construction, or any domain demanding skillful manipulation of pipes and tubulars, the Snare Plus Tool presents an ideal amalgamation of tools for the task at hand. Secure your order today and experience its unmatched performance firsthand!