Drill Pipe Set Back Tool


The Drill Pipe Set Back Tool is designed to facilitate the secure handling and precise placement of drill pipes within the designated set back region. This tool ensures the utmost safety for personnel involved, all while maintaining optimal control and adaptability during the process.

This device not only reduces the potential for hand injuries but also ensures that the handler’s feet stay out of the setback area when placing pipes in the vertically stored position.

This method of Hands-Free operation also eliminates the potential danger of harmful drilling fluids coming into contact with the skin of the operator or handler.



This guideline is intended for the drill crew to facilitate the proper arrangement and safekeeping of drill pipes within the designated set back area on the drill floor.

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The task of moving pipes around the drill floors has been suspended due to the associated risks. To ensure a dependable and secure pipe handling process, reach out to us for the procurement of the Drill Pipe Handling Tool. For inquiries regarding large-scale purchases, you can contact our Sales team at Raah Group INC to receive a quotation.