200 PSI Whip Checks


Hose Whip Restraint systems are designed to provide safety measures in the event of high-pressure hose failures. Their primary purpose is to prevent pressurized hoses from thrashing uncontrollably if they detach or break near their joints. High-pressure hoses, especially those carrying hazardous materials, must be protected against unforeseen dangers such as unintentional disconnections, fittings bursting during hose assembly, or couplings coming apart. Hose Whip Restraints serve as a crucial safety measure in these scenarios.

In the event of a hose failure at the fitting area, Cable Hose Restraints are designed to offer limited protection from hose whipping. They are suitable for hoses ranging in size from 1/2″ I.D. to 4″ I.D. and should only be used on hoses with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI.

WC-11/8″ X 20″.5″ – 1.25″200 PSI
WC-23/16″ X 28″1.25″ – 1.75″200 PSI
WC-31/4″ X 38″2″ – 3.5″200 PSI
WC-43/8″ X 44″4″ – 5″200 PSI
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Pressurized Hose Safety with Hose Whip Restraint

Application of Hose Safety Cable Chokers

Cable choker hose restraints find their primary utility in applications adhering to pressure rating standards, serving as a crucial component for safeguarding various hose types. These restraints are particularly advantageous for companies dealing with high-pressure hoses in a range of industries, including petroleum, synthetic chemicals, gases, oil fields, and water-based hydraulic fluids. Here are several scenarios where this hose whip protection equipment proves invaluable:

  1. Construction Sites: Cable choker hose restraints are indispensable when working with hoisting and handling equipment at construction sites.

  2. Agricultural Sector: They are essential for hydraulic suction and discharge operations within the agricultural industry.

  3. Pharmaceutical Production: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, these restraints ensure the safety and integrity of hoses used in various processes.

  4. Dye and Chemical Manufacturing: Manufacturers of dyes and chemicals rely on cable choker hose restraints to maintain the security of their hose systems.

  5. Food and Consumable Goods Packaging Industries: The food and consumable goods packaging sector benefits from these restraints to safeguard hose assemblies during their operations.

  6. FPSO Vessels, Refineries, and Distilleries: In harsh environments such as FPSO vessels, refineries, and distilleries, these restraints are essential for protecting high-pressure hoses.

  7. Drilling Rig Safety: Cable choker hose restraints play a critical role in ensuring safety on drilling rigs where high-pressure hoses are extensively used.

In all these diverse industries and applications, cable choker hose restraints play a pivotal role in maintaining safety standards and preventing hose whip incidents, which can lead to injuries and equipment damage.

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