Pallet Lifting Bars

The RAAH Group Inc’s Pallet Lifting Bars, known as Model #PB011, have been meticulously crafted for use with a multi-leg sling and chains assembly.

These bars are tailored to seamlessly slot into pallets, ensuring a secure fit with their uniquely designed hooks. These hooks serve to anchor the pallets firmly in place and maintain an optimal separation between the bars.

It’s crucial to adhere to a minimum distance of 900mm between the two bars when mounting them. This ensures that the loads are evenly and centrally distributed across both bars, promoting safe and efficient lifting operations.

Pallet bars are sold individually for general lifting purposes, each with a safe working load (WLL) of 2 tonnes per pair. It is essential to ensure that these bars are firmly secured when used for lifting without the top frame. To enhance stability during use, end hooks are included to maintain the proper distance between the bars. Utilizing other methods to separate the bars may not guarantee adequate safety. In situations where such methods are insufficiently secure, you may need to consider an alternative pallet bar arrangement.

For specific tasks where additional security measures are in place, pallet bars without stabilizing hooks can also be provided.

pallet lifting bars

Palet Bars Key Features:

How to use pallet lifting bars?

Pallet safety bars, weighing two tonnes per pair, stand out as the preferred lifting bars for crane operations, especially when it comes to general lifting tasks.

However, when using pallet lifting bars without the top frame, it is imperative to exercise caution and ensure their secure placement during use. These bars come equipped with end hooks, which play a crucial role in stabilizing the load, allowing the bars to be spread freely. Attempting to spread the bars in alternative ways may compromise the strength and safety of the lifting operation, making it essential to consider alternative pallet bar arrangements.

Incorporating ergonomic design principles, the Sky Hook offers an innovative solution for industrial lifting tasks involving chucks, vises, large components, and more. This versatile range of models is meticulously designed to cater to specialized utility needs, providing enhanced efficiency and safety in various lifting applications.

For enhanced safety when transporting IBC containers or lifting pallets, we highly recommend utilizing the IBC Lifter Safety Set, suitable for both offshore and onshore applications.