Case Study: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Stiffy Push Pull Tools

stiffy push pull hand tool

Stiffy safety hand tool

Client Overview:

USA Based Steel Company, a prominent name in the steel
industry based in the USA, prioritizes worker safety and operational
efficiency. Facing challenges with ensuring hands-off policies and reducing the
risk of hand injuries in lifting operations, they sought a reliable solution.

Client Challenge:

USA Based Steel Company recognized the pressing need to
minimize the risk of finger and hand injuries among workers while handling
suspended loads. Traditional lifting methods posed significant safety hazards
due to potential pinch and crush points. Additionally, they aimed to streamline
lifting operations to enhance productivity.

Solution Provided:

RAAH Group Inc Stiffy Push Pull Tools emerged as the ideal
solution for USA Based Steel Company. These innovative tools, proudly
manufactured in the USA, were designed to keep hands offload, thereby
mitigating the risk of hand injuries. The hands-free lifting mechanism of the
Stiffy tools offered a practical approach to implementing hands-off policies

Available in various sizes, including the RAAH SHH – 21″

Handy Hook, RAAH SHT2-42 – 42″, RAAH SHT2-50 – 50″, and RAAH SHT2-72 – 72″,
these tools catered to different lifting requirements, ensuring versatility and
adaptability across various operations.

Stiffy Push pull tool- United states

Figure 1 image shared by the customer- Staff working with Stiify Push Pull safety tool.

Implementation Process:

USA Based Steel Company seamlessly integrated the Stiffy
Push Pull Tools into their lifting operations. Through comprehensive training
sessions and demonstrations, workers were educated on the proper use and
benefits of these tools. Supervisors and safety officers were actively involved
in overseeing the implementation process to ensure compliance and maximize

Results Achieved:

The adoption of Stiffy Push Pull Tools yielded significant
improvements in both safety and efficiency for USA Based Steel Company:

Enhanced Safety: By eliminating the need for manual
lifting and keeping hands offloads, the risk of finger and hand injuries was
substantially reduced. Workers operated with increased confidence, knowing that
they were protected from potential pinch and crush points.

Improved Efficiency: The hands-free lifting mechanism
streamlined operations, leading to enhanced productivity and smoother workflow.
With reduced downtime due to injuries or accidents, USA Based Steel Company
experienced improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Positive Customer Feedback: The Company received
positive feedback from its staff regarding its commitment to safety and
innovation in lifting operations. The implementation of Stiffy Push Pull Tools
showcased their dedication to prioritizing worker safety while delivering
high-quality products and services.


RAAH Group Inc Stiffy Push Pull Tools proved to be a
game-changer for USA Based Steel Company, effectively addressing their safety
concerns and enhancing operational efficiency. By investing in innovative
solutions that prioritize worker safety, US Based Steel Company solidified its
position as a leader in the steel industry, setting a benchmark for safety
standards and best practices.

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