RAAH Group Inc. Elevates Safety for City of Winchester Government Operations


The City of Winchester, a local government entity in Virginia, USA, is committed to creating a secure, thriving, and sustainable community that serves as a hub for medical, industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities in the region.


The City of Winchester government faced the challenge of safely handling Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) at elevated heights within their diverse operations. The Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) team recognized the need for enhanced safety measures to protect workers and operators during the movement of IBC totes.


To address this safety concern, RAAH Group Inc. suggested RAAH’s own designed IBC Lifter solution. These innovations were crafted to facilitate the secure movement of heavy loads. The RAAH Group Inc. team supplied their renowned IBC Lifter directly from their Virginia-based warehouse.

Customer Compliments:

The response from the City of Winchester government was overwhelmingly positive:

“The RAAH Pallet/IBC Lifter worked flawlessly, and our crew absolutely loves it.”

IBC Pallet lifter
IBC Lifters for pallet safety

“This solution has become an excellent asset for ensuring a safer and more efficient way to transfer IBCs from loading areas to storage units.”

“RAAH’s Pallet/IBC Lifter has significantly improved the safety of our IBC handling process, surpassing the performance of standard pallet forks.”

RAAH Group Inc.’s innovative approach to addressing the safety challenges faced by the City of Winchester government has not only met their expectations but has also garnered praise for its effectiveness and reliability in enhancing workplace safety during IBC movements.

This IBC Lifter is suitable for Oil and gas, Construction, Logistics, Marine and Shipping, and Warehousing industries.

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